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Who are Grindie?

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Grindie is a new brand, created by Italian manufacturer DRM. Grindie have been introduced to us with the announcement of what could possibly be the best grinder in it’s class, the Grindie Solo. With years of experience in technical development and manufacturing process you can rest assured we will see exceptional features as standard with Grindie products.

The Grindie Solo

Fresh onto the market the Grindie Solo is a commercial coffee grinder packed full of features. The Grindie Solo recieved a warm welcome when being presented at the HOST 2019 exhibition after their initial display during 2017. Significant improvements and continual development of the product’s features were evident and showed a determination to produce a truly innovative product. Grindie are expected to appear once again at the HOST 2021 exhibition in Milan and are expected to reveal yet more crucial information on the Solo.

The Solo addresses some key features that users have come to expect with a quality commercial grinder. Not only has the Solo included these important features, it has went on to surpass expectations with patented self learning software features to make this possibly the best grinder for user friendly operation in demanding environments. You can read more about some of the exciting features below.

Smart Temperature Control

A key element to producing great espresso is the management of temperature throughout the process. This concern is often limited to the espresso machine itself and we focus on temperature variation in the brewing process. Whilst it is important to monitor these temperatures and impart as much control as possible, the process actually begins much earlier, in the grinding stages.

During grinding, the surface area of the ground coffee increases dramatically and the coffee becomes far more sensitive to changes in it’s environment, especially temperature.

The Grindie Solo uses a unique combination of temperature sensors, probes and integrated cooling fans to maintain the ideal temperature throughout the grinding process. This in itself adds another layer of quality control to your coffee and can make drastic improvements to each and every beverage you serve.

Our grinders are often operating in constantly changing, busy environments. Depending on your local climate you may see changes in your coffee that need to be adjusted for, the Grindie Solo’s temperature control system makes this much easier to control ensuring consistent quality.

Grind by Weight

Not only does the Grindie Solo allow you to select your dosage and grind pre-measured doses on demand, it also comes with one unique feature that could be game changing. That is portafilter recognition. The Solo allows for up to 4 pre-programmed user modes with different portafilters if required. This means the Solo will take into consideration the weight of each individual portafilter, automatically tare this weight and dispense the correct dose for your user profile.

This truly is a remarkable feature, especially if you work with more than one espresso machine. Each portafilter will have a different overall weight, a different basket capacity and different size. This means you have the ability to get the correct total dosage each and every time you use the Solo, no matter which machine you’re using.

Update Your Grinder’s Software

When you purchase your Grindie Solo, you will be provided with a USB device to transfer data from your grinder and even update your grinder’s software. Meaning it will be entirely possible for Grindie to develop revisions to the existing software and make improvements with user feedback.

Calling out a service engineer to carry out expensive repairs on your grinder could be a thing of the past with this feature. We feel that this makes the Solo one of the most user friendly pieces of equipment you could add to your cafe, once again making it possibly the best grinder in class for usability.

Guided Cleaning Process

From the Solo’s touchscreen display, the grinder will guide you through a simple cleaning process which you can repeat as often as you need. Not only this but the grinder has the ability to reset it’s gears to the desired location. Meaning once you’ve finished your cleaning process you can get right back to work with minimal delay or down time.

Just about anybody will be able to carry out this process meaning you don’t have to be overly confident in handling the grinder or it’s components to complete regular scheduled cleaning.

To add to this feature Grindie have made their grinder super easy to clean with many of the serviceable components accessible without removing the body of the grinder. So if you feel it’s time to give your equipment a more thorough clean, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Exceptional Presentation

As you can see, the Grindie Solo is a fantastic looking grinder. It’s clear to us that a lot of thought and effort has went into each aspect of designed the look and feel of the grinder. It’s going to look fantastic no matter where it finds itself in you workspace.

This creates added value as your grinder may very well become a centre piece and conversation point, adding just that extra special something to your cafe.

Constructed with tried and tested durable materials both inside and out, this isn’t just good looking, it’s long lasting and serviceable meaning your grinder can stay good looking long into the future.

Final Thoughts on the Grindie Solo

Grindie have produced a truly unique piece of equipment, the Solo doesn’t just meet expectations of performance, it far surpasses them. With a long list of features it’s got something for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re a true coffee professional or just starting out in the business. This is going to be the best grinder to get your work flowing with ease. We can see huge potential for this grinder as an introductory tool for novice users that will grow as their skills grow alongside.

The features we’ve talked about above make this grinder a revolution in user friendly application. With an easy to use interface, plenty of programmable options and easy to service components. Showing just how far into the future Grindie have been thinking while developing this product.

We could talk all day about how the features, look and construction of this grinder make it a candidate for the best grinder in class but why not head on over to the Grindie Solo page and learn more for yourself. You will find comprehensive feature lists, specifications and Grindie have even put together a handy guide on 6 things to know before buying a coffee grinder.

Best Grinder in Class - The Grindie Solo
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Best Grinder in Class - The Grindie Solo
We take a look at what could be the new best grinder in it's class. The terrific new Solo from Italian manufacturer Grindie.
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