Best Home Coffee Grinders Under £200


Here we have compiled a list of the best home coffee grinders you can buy today for less than £200. We have tried to include only the best value home grinders for everyday use.

The grinder is an essential and important part of any home coffee setup, some would argue equally important as any espresso machine or coffee maker. Grinding your coffee at home allows you to have the freshest possible coffee for your drinks. You will then be able to buy whole bean coffee and use as much or as little as you need at any one time.

Another great benefit to owning your own coffee grinder is the ability to adjust how coarse or fine the coffee is ground. Some methods, such as using an espresso machine require very finely ground coffee and others, such as french press require much coarser ground coffee.

Our Best Home Coffee Grinders Under £200

Each of the home coffee grinders on this list is rated for it’s ability and consistency. We have chosen to include only the easiest to use, most readily available home coffee grinders that you can buy today and use at home.

If you feel there is something missing from our list or we have made an error please let us know here.

450g★★★★★GET PRICE
ADRONICAS GRINDERAdronicas Burr Grinder250g★★★GET PRICE
BODUM BISTROBodum Bistro Grinder60g★★GET PRICE
DUALIT 75015
Dualit 75015 grinder
Melitta Molino Grinder
200g★★★GET PRICE
Krups GVX2 Grinder
200g★★★★GET PRICE
DELONGHI DEDICA STYLEDelonghi Dedica Grinder350g★★★GET PRICE
SAGE DOSE CONTROLSage Dose Control Pro Grinder340g★★★★★GET PRICE
BARATZA ENCOREBaratza Encore Grinder227g★★★★★GET PRICE
GRAEF CM 800Graef CM 800 Grinder350g★★★★GET PRICE
Melitta Calibra Grinder
375g★★★★GET PRICE

Our Top Pick

Sage Dose Control Pro home coffee grinders

For us, when talking about home coffee grinders, they don’t come much better than the Sage Dose Control Pro. Up to £40 below the total budget for this list it comes feature packed. Perfect for use with any espresso machine, aeropress or pour over setup. Great adjustment range, portafilter holder and timer built in. All of this packaged in a counter top friendly unit.

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