Brewista Smart Scale 2 Review

If you’re in any way serious about improving your coffee game, whether this be at home or the cafe, you need scales. You want your equipment to work for you, not the other way round. This means it’s important to find the right set of scales for the job. So we’re going to look at one of the offerings from Brewista, the Smart Scale 2.


Brewista aren’t new to scales by any means. This is of course the second iteration of the Smart Scale. Brewistas first version of the Smart Scale saw great success and we feel for good reason too. The Smart Scale offers features that are only going to make your life easier and almost more importantly, your coffee taste better.

What is the Brewista Smart Scale 2?

The Brewista Smart Scale 2 is a purposefully designed tool for making exact measurements when brewing coffee in multiple ways. Brewista Smart Scales are capable of weighing up to 2000g (2kg) within 0.1g of accuracy.

This makes these scales ideal for a variety of uses including pour over coffee and Aeropress, where weights are going to be significantly more than espresso. Unlike cheaper scales on the market the Brewista Smart Scales have measuring features designed just for coffee, more on that below.

What comes in the box?

Brewista Smart Scales come boxed quite nicely with the unit itself housed in blister packaging. Within this you will find the scales themselves, a handy plastic tray and a silicon pad. At least on this occassion the scales did not include the micro usb charger required for the unit. However it’s more than likely you won’t need this to be included as they are common with so many devices today. The last thing of note is the user manual, nicely presented and great to familiarise yourself with the product.

Using the Brewista Smart Scale 2

The Brewista Smart Scale does something few high end products can, keeps it simple. The device features 4 buttons on the front, on/off, time, tare and mode. That’s all you’ll ever need. Note the plastic tray that came boxed with the product, if you so wish this can be used as a handy weighing tray. Great for keeping your scales clean and tidy. The silicon pad adds a protective layer, not just that but it’s going to prevent your pour over vessel from slipping. Just like using any other set of scales you want to set these up on a level surface free from any obstruction.


The Brewista Smart Scale features 6 different operating modes

Manual, with manual tare and manual timer setting
Espresso, with auto tare and auto timer (when cup added to scale)
Espresso, with auto tare and manual timer
Espresso, with auto tare and auto timer (when espresso added to cup)
Pour Over, auto tare for decanter, manual tare for ground coffee and auto timer

Navigating the scales different operating modes couldn’t be any easier with the mode button located in the bottom left, just underneath the ON/OFF button. Simply press the mode button to change and continue pressing to cycle through the 6 options.

We found mode 4, espresso, with auto tare and no timer the easiest to use by far. It’s a really easy way to keep track of your shots without slowing you down. Since the scale is automatically taking the weight of the cup into consideration. It really is as simple as that.


Scale display and buttons

The Smart Scale 2 has a fully backlit orange LCD display. This means even if you’re working in a poorly lit space it’s going to be clear as day. We found this very useful especially when using it for measuring our espresso shots. Sometimes having scales tucked underneath groupheads leaves you squinting to see what’s going on. Not this time.


Powered by a 1000mAH battery the Smart Scale 2 isn’t going to require charging every day, in fact it will last months without being charged. The battery isn’t designed to be removed or replaced so a failure could present issues. For this reason it’s not advised that you use the Smart Scale plugged in as this may effect the lifetime of the battery inside.

Why Do I Need Brewista Smart Scales?

The Brewista Smart Scale 2 is going to be the ideal tool for a few people. Namely those that want to make a drastic improvement to their pour over or espresso. Overall the idea is that these scales remove the nuisance of having a set of scales and a timer in the same space. Everything is combined into one unit and it does exactly what it says on the box.

Owning a set of scales like this means you can record, adjust and change your brewing methods from drink to drink all from one piece of equipment. Furthermore, the Smart Scale is going to be perfect for the cafe, we all know just how important consistency is to our customers. Again this acts as a user friendly tool that can be placed into any cafe environment to ensure consistency across the board.


A big concern with any equipment is the working environment and how it will effect your tools. Being an electronic device in close proximity to water at all times it’s important to have a decent level of water resistance. The Brewista Smart Scale 2 claims to have a water resistant “nano coating”. During our time using the Smart Scale we certainly didn’t have any issues with water preventing the device from working.

There was no water getting under the LCD panel either, which is a common issue with cheaper scales. Construction feels sturdy and there aren’t any loose parts to be found on these scales. Little to no wobble on the platform gives the user confidence in using these just about anywhere too. We doubt they would hold up very well if they were to be dropped from any height, however that’s to be expected with any precision measurement device.

Brewista Smart Scale 2 Specifications

Brewista Smart Scale 2
Product Weight227g
Dimensions12.7 x 10.7 x 1.8 cm


Overall, using the Brewista Smart Scale 2 has been a more than pleasant experience. It provides a level of control that you don’t normally have and it does it with ease. As a tool, it functions well, provides accurate measurements and doesn’t get in the way. We would imagine for most home users the Brewista Smart Scale 2 sits at the high end of what you would expect to pay. Rest assured if you do decide to go ahead and purchase them, it will be money well spent.

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