The Coffee Decanter – 5 Best Buys Reviewed


One of the most important things you can buy when it comes to preparing pour over coffee at home has to be the coffee decanter. It’s where you’re coffee is going to end up after brewing. Just as importantly, it’s the one thing besides cups you’re going to carry around with you. It’s got to be up to the task and it might even have to take a knock or two. It certainly doesn’t hurt if it looks good doing it too.

The Bodum Pour Over 4 Cup Coffee Decanter

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Almost immediately the Bodum Pour Over 4 Cup stands out as a great value option. Not only is it good value but you don’t have to worry about quality being sacrificed here. Bodum have been making all sorts of tea and coffee glassware for years now. As a result, they’re constantly improving and adapting their products to suit the customers needs.

The Bodum Pour Over has some neat features to go along with it’s incredible good looks. It has a protective sleeve around the neck, the weakest part of any decanter this shape. This means it’s going to last a little longer than some of the cheaper options you might see. Note Bodum haven’t cheaped out on plastic like material here either.

This sleeve isn’t going to go brittle over time with moisture and washing. It can also be removed for super simple cleaning which means this is going to look as good as it did the day you bought it for a long time after. We cheated a little bit here, since rather than just a decanter, you actually get everything you need to use this as your new pour over dripper too!

A beautiful looking coffee decanter at a realistic price.

Hario Drip Decanter

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The Hario Drip Decanter makes the list in similar fashion. This is not just a great option due to its unique look. The Drip Decanter also includes a dripper that fits neatly and works very similarly to their more popular V60 option.

The Hario Drip Decanter makes pour over coffee at home a breeze with a lipped spout for precise pouring and a removeable sleeve for easy cleaning.

Hario is a name you can trust with years of experience producing all sorts of glassware and becoming and industry standard in the process.

Looking at home in just about any kitchen you can’t go wrong with the Hario Drip Decanter. With the price point being so accessible you can expect to see this in many more cafes and coffee shops in the coming years.

Melitta Glass Jug 1L

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Price is a big factor in choosing the correct equipment for your pour over coffee. Melitta have addressed this with their 1L glass jug. This works with their own drippers but you will also find that many of the other most popular offerings fit very well too.

Melitta are expert craftsmen within the industry and this is clear looking at this product. A clean looking jug with a sturdy glass handle and lipped pouring spout.

You really can’t go wrong at this price. Don’t forget you need to purchase a separate dripper for this jug, with drippers being such a low cost, you’re not likely to spend more than £20 in total.

What makes this one of our favourite coffee decanters is the obvious design notes borrowed from old school coffee. It’s a classic design combined with modern manufacturing techniques to make it affordable and accessible.

Chemex Wood Neck 3 Cup

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They say imitation is the best from of flattery. That’s why no matter where you look you’ll see clones and imitations of Chemex products. Chemex quickly became a staple in coffee shops and cafes across the globe. In part this was due to the unique look of the wood neck that makes this decanter stand out from the crowd.

Chemex’s glass products are truly artisan products. Hand blown glass is shaped to look beautiful on display and fit nicely in the hand as you pour the coffee.

You’re going to pay a little more for a product that is truly hand crafted but just remember, you get what you pay for. This is certainly the case with the Chemex Wood Neck.

Seen as an indicator of quality in coffee shops worldwide, you know when you see this you’re dealing with professionals. As for paper filters, you can find a number of different sizes and types for Chemex products due to their popularity.

Hario V60 – The Gold Standard Coffee Decanter

hario v60
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The Hario V60 Drip Decanter really is the gold standard in pour over coffee at home. If you search for tips on brewing coffee at home, one of the first things you’ll notice is that most people are using the V60.

We have already talked about another of Hario’s products and there’s good reason they appear on this list twice. Based in Japan, a country known for it’s highly skilled craftsmen, Hario make some of the most durable and well designed glassware on the planet. It is clear that Hario first focussed on developing a product that works well, is easy to use and affordable, then focused on a simple, clean looking design.

V60 is a favourite menu item in many cafes and coffee shops. This is because Hario have made it remarkably easy to brew and serve with their V60, often available as kits, including the dripper and a set of filters. For a seriously competitive price you can have everything you need to start brewing quality coffee at home.

If you want the most popular, easiest to use and best value for money drip decanter then look no further than the Hario V60. Finding one couldn’t be easier given their popularity. You can find them in multiple stores online and in coffee shops and cafes worldwide.