Delter Cold Drip – Kickstarter Campaign

Who are Delter?

We first became aware of Delter when looking into the Delter Coffee Press, a relatively simple tool for brewing filter coffee. Delter are an Australian based company dealing exclusively in coffee tools, at least to our knowledge. Delter Coffee describe themselves as a team of young, enthusiastic coffee lovers who are on a journey to discover new and exciting ways to brew coffee. Now Delter have a new product, the Delter Cold Drip.

The Delter Coffee Press has been a hit with specialty coffee lovers worldwide offering itself as a great alternative to the Aerobie Aeropress. Some stand out features included sturdy production materials, innovative silicon seals and an included dosing tool. Both the Delter Coffee Press and the new design, the Delter Cold Drip are products of the inventor Mark Folker. You can find out more about Delter and the Cold Drip on their Kickstarter page or over at their website.

What is Cold Drip Coffee?

Cold drip coffee is fairly self explanatory, and exactly as it sounds. Cold drip is a brewing technique which uses cold water dripped slowly through freshly ground coffee. Using this process, the ground coffee absorbs each drip of water. This then drops down into a separate vessel at the bottom of the device. Making a cold drip coffee can be quite a lengthy process, taking anywhere from 3.5 to 12 hours, depending on the method used and desired quantity. As cold drip coffee tastes less acidic than espresso it’s perfect for those who prefer a less bitter taste.

What is the Delter Cold Drip?

The Delter Cold Drip is a device that aims to take the nuisance out of slow drip cold brew. As stated by Delter in one of their product videos, an often problematic part of the cold brew process is using equipment which relies on valves. To achieve good, consistent extraction and maximise flavour in your final beverage you need to control the rate at which the water passes through the coffee, much like you would with any other brewing method. Problems arise when valves fail to maintain their flow rate and require adjusting during the brewing process.

According to Delter, the industry standard for the cold drip process is to achieve one drip of coffee per second. However, as the water level changes the pressure is altered. As a result, you are required to constantly check and readjust the valve to account for these changes.

Whilst you may not think of a small adjustment being much hassle, constantly returning to make these adjustments can become troublesome and time consuming. Let’s not forget too, we’re all human and unfortunately prone to making mistakes from time to time, and it’s easy to neglect to make the adjustments all together.

How does it work?

A design that at first seems remarkably simple is quite surprising in it’s complexity. A borosilicate vessel provides an almost industry standard base. This material is incredibly sturdy and able to withstand harsh working environments from the get go. The product has three stacked 200ml plastic (BPA free) cylinders which feed into a 50g basket. This basket has a stainless steel filter and silicone gasket.

The 200ml cylinders feed into one another, providing a controlled, steady flow of water into the final cylinder and then on to the coffee, housed in the basket at the bottom. By designing the device in this way, Delter have eliminated the need for a valve or other water flow control. The reduction of pressure in each vessel slows down the flow rate. Delter have been able to create a system which automatically produces the required one drip per second without the need for a complex valve system.

As we mentioned earlier, the pressure and flow rate of the water entering the coffee basket has a significant impact on the quality of coffee.  Removing the requirement to use valves and the consistent and controlled flow of water into the final cylinder means that you should get a great cup of coffee every time.

Delter Cold Drip Design

It’s hard to talk in an objective manner about design in terms how a product looks. More often than not the appearance of a product has no relevance to a products ability to fulfill a purpose. However we feel that the Delter Cold Drip’s appearance actually provides further value. It would appear a trend is being followed looking at the similarity between the Delter Cold Drip and Coffee Press in that they’re both almost entirely transparent. The sleek and professional appearance allows the products to fit in with almost any kitchen or workspace.

To add to the already clever design of the product Delter have provided clear measurement labels on the vessel and the reservoir cylinders. This takes away any real need for additional equipment.


We would be very hesitant to give our readers a final price for the Cold Drip since it’s still live on Kickstarter. However at a glance it appears the MSRP for the Delter Cold Drip is $85 (US). The product is currently 25% off for backers at $65. One thing to note is that the quantity appears to be very limited at this stage.

Final Thoughts

We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these. The potential for mistakes can be off putting for those wanting to try making cold drip coffee at home. As a product the Delter Cold Drip more or less eliminates this issue all together. We can see this having great success and introducing a vast amount of newcomers not just to cold drip but specialty coffee too.

For at-home coffee lovers looking to try something new we think this will be well worth the money. Overall, we think this product is sure to be a great way to experiment with specialty coffee brewing at home.

If you’re using a Delter Cold Drip, you may want to take your coffee on the road with you, why not have a look at our guide to the best reusable coffee cups?

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