Eureka Mignon Grinder Review


The Eureka Mignon grinder has been a mainstay of enthusiast’s kitchen counter tops for years now and we don’t stop buying them. We’re going to take a look at some of the reasons this is and what to expect if you purchase a Eureka Mignon grinder.

Who are Eureka?

Eureka began in Florence, Italy all the way back in 1920, long before anybody reading this was born, nevermind making coffee! Founded by Aurelio Conti 7 years before La Marzocco and in the same city, Florence was a hot spot for coffee in the early to mid 20th century.

Eureka have cited themselves as industry leaders in the manufacture of grinders since then and have gone a long way in proving it, continually refining and improving their designs and products.

Eureka Mignon Grinder Features

eureka mignon grinder display
Flat 50mm Hardened Steel Burrs
250g Hopper Capacity
Small Countertop Footprint
Manual & Timer Functions
Hands Free Use
Stepless Micrometric Adjustment
22 Colour Variations


The Eureka Mignon grinder stands out amongst most consumer grade grinders due to it’s appearance. It has clean, straight lines combined with a square 250g hopper as standard. This isn’t just a great look however, the straight edges of the Mignon mean it will fit snugly in just about any corner of your kitchen.

The Eureka Mignon’s stepless micrometric adjustment is actually a design patented by Eureka and it’s a bar raising feature, so much so you will find it in Nuovo Simonelli & Victoria Arduino grinders too.

Not really intended for larger volumes of coffee, you’re more likely to want this grinder for your own kitchen. It’s ideally suited to somebody looking to make a huge improvement to their daily coffee. The real benefit of this grinder isn’t just the quality and accuracy of the grind but also the ease of use. It’s simple to use and simple to clean. A genuine joy to use and takes out some of the minor gripes you may have with a cheaper grinder at home.

Eureka Mignon Grinder Pricing

Priced anywhere between £250 – £350 this grinder certainly isn’t the cheapest on the market. It is how ever, in our opinion, one of the very best at this price point. Almost all competitors in this range don’t stack up in terms of design features or build quality.


eureka mignon adjustment

The Mignon is built to last and last it will. Featuring metallic components where other grinders may opt for plastics to keep costs down. This gives the grinder a more robust feel, meaning of course it is heavier. You get the impression from using the Mignon that it won’t stop working because you’ve knocked it over, not that we advise trying!



With stylish looks, genius design, ease of use and the best quality grind in this price range, we have to say that the Eureka Mignon is the smart persons choice. Look no further if you want a conversation starter in your kitchen or a reliable grinder to instantly improve you morning coffee. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to