Go Cubes – What is Chewable Coffee?

Go Cubes are something that popped up on our radar earlier this month. At first glance we thought this could be a relatively interesting idea. Perhaps a soluble cube to be added to water? Maybe a caffeinated sweetener to add to your morning beverage?

So what are Go Cubes?

Well, we were about to find out just how wrong we were. We picked up a box of these Go Cubes to try out for ourselves. What we recieved was in fact, chewable coffee. That’s right, coffee itself, in edible form. As you might expect, this isn’t a product geared towards the specialty coffee market, after all, how could you possibly preserve any flavour ina a gelatinous cube?

The particular Go Cubes that we tried were produced by a company called HVMN or Nootrobox. Try as we might we have since been unable to find these for sale from the same company or resellers. It is our belief that production of this product has in fact stopped. This could be due to an overwhelmingly negative response or perhaps they are simply currently unavailable. Either way we are not entirely surprised by this.

Who buys Go Cubes?

Go Cubes are supposed to be a quick and easy caffeine fix and we can’t really dispute this claim as each “cube” contains 50mg of caffeine, which is a considerable amount for such a small bite. We feel it important to make very clear that this product is meant for a variety of uses, geared towards energy supplement users rather than coffee lovers. For this reason we feel it’s important not to be too harsh and even remain somewhat objective when judging the flavour of these Go Cubes.

The listing from which we purchased our Go Cubes described them as the perfect energy hit for athletes, joggers, cyclists and gamers. That’s a pretty broad reach of people, or types of people. Sure, we can see why all of these groups would want a quick energy fix. We’ve all seen how many energy gel packets even a small group of cyclists can go through in an afternoon or how many huge cans of sugary energy drinks a gamer might go through in a single session. However, are these people likely to want to replace their current energy supplements with a small cube that tastes something like coffee?

What do Go Cubes taste like?

Well we say they taste something like coffee because it’s exactly that. Glancing at the ingredients list we see the note “natural and artifical flavours: coffee”. We would hazard a guess that these flavours are more artifical than not. Since even the last time we tried instant coffee, it didn’t taste anything like this, in fact, it tasted a hell of a lot better than this.

Glucose SyrupSugar
Natural and Artificial Flavors (coffee)Titanium Dioxide (for color)
NiacinamideCitric Acid
Sodium Citrate

These Go Cubes are available, or were available as three different flavours, these were, Mocha, Pure Drip and Latte. We bought the Pure Drip as we felt this would be the closest approximation to coffee itself without too much sweetened milk or chocolate flavour. However upon arrival we soon saw that the pack was in fact an assorted mix of each flavour.

Go Cubes taste like you’ve washed out some coffee grounds, old coffee grounds at that, reduced to a fine concentrate and added a tonne of sugar or sweetener. With almost a chemical taste it’s hard for us to imagine why you would want to ingest these for any other purpose than their caffeine content. Tha flavour is one that doesn’t pass quickly either, with almost a chemical bitterness, it’s going to be with you for some time.

Then we compared the different flavours in the pack, the Mocha was the least offensive, we gathered that this was due to the fact it tasted more of chocolate than anything else. Again however, we wouldn’t suggest that this is an accurate representation of any chocolate we have tried before.

Latte was fairly similar to the Pure Drip, however it tasted much sweeter, making it a little easier to stomach.

Chewing on one of these is an experience, we’ll say that much. It’s more of a novelty than an enjoyable experience though. So if you’re ever offered one, we say go for it. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Do Go Cubes Work?

Well, it would be hard for us to say that Go Cubes don’t perform as advertised. Despite the fact we thoroughly regretted eating these, we all agree that we did have increased energy levels for the hour following. It is worth noting that this wasn’t exactly a scientific test, not a control in sight here. Once again we found ourselves wondering why any of the aforementioned groups would consider replacing their current energy supplements with a pack of these chewable coffee cubes, since for those of us that have used them, we were in agreement that the energy we gained was no more than it would be from an energy drink or even an energy gel.


Flavour is a very subjective matter, we don’t want to say these aren’t for anyone but they certainly aren’t for everyone and not us. As mentioned, these chewable coffee energy sweets aren’t going to fulfill your want for a good cup of coffee, not by a long way. They might just give you the get up and go you need though, for whatever it is you’re doing.

Maybe you are looking for that alternative to your normal energy supplement and want to try something new. Maybe you’re a practical joker and want to see your friends squirm in anguish while chomping down on one of these. Or maybe you’re a sadist and want to eat a whole pack of these on your lunch break.

Overall, unfortunately we have to say, even if these do reappear in stock, we won’t be purchasing another pack.

If you want to take your caffeine fix on the go with you consider reading our reusable coffee cups guide.

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