Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder Review – Why you should buy

mazzer super jolly grinder

Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder

Mazzer coffee grinders are on of those things you have almost certainly seen before, in fact, even just the silhouette of a Mazzer Super Jolly grinder is instantly recognizable to so many. So why is this?

Quite simply, Mazzer and more so the Mazzer Super Jolly is an industry standard and has been for a long time. Many brands have taken the design and worked on improving certain aspects but there is only one true original. Another large reason for the success of the Mazzer Super Jolly is it’s ability to function as a workhorse. The grinder is easy to clean, easy to service and super easy to use.

Grinder Adjustment

Mazzer Super Jolly Grind Adjustment
The Mazzer Super Jolly Adjustment Collar

The Mazzer Super Jolly really perfected it’s type of grind adjustment and really gives the user unlimited (nearly) choice, combined with small adjustment possibility. The Super Jolly uses a simple collar at the base of the hopper, rotated left or right to adjust the burrs and give you a coarser or finer grind.

This collar is conveniently marked at every point with notches, they aren’t always numbered however this does mean once you’ve found a starting point you can simply mark it. It is commonplace to see these collars marked with a small piece of tape in cafes across the globe.

As you would imagine, this isn’t always going to be the perfect point and as your environment changes or your coffee changes, so will the grind, however it does give you a very easy guide and get you immediately into the ballpark. Simple yet so effective.

Dispensing from the Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder

Mazzer Super Jolly Dosing Chamber
The Mazzer Super Jolly Dosing Chamber

Known simply as a doser grinder, the Mazzer Super Jolly grinder, like many of it’s peers comes with a dosing chamber, this means as you grind beans from the hopper they will fall into the dosing chamber and rest there until you want to dispense them.

Now arguably you never want to use this feature and only grind as and when you need. The great thing about the Mazzer Super Jolly is that it allows you to do just that but if you’re working with high volumes you have the option to grind in advance and dispense when required.

The dosing chamber on the Mazzer Super Jolly contains roughly 300g (grams) of ground coffee, which is more than enough for any cafe no matter how busy. Another great feature with this grinder is the ease of cleaning the chamber, simply pop the plastic lid off from the top of the chamber and get a brush in there, couldn’t be any easier.

Convenience of a Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder

Nothing is more important than when thinking about which grinder to buy as convenience, yes it has to work great, it has to produce the grind just the way you want it but this isn’t going to help you if the grinder needs to be adjusted every time you use it or it gets jammed up with all the nasty stuff of the day.

This is where the Mazzer Super Jolly stands out head and shoulders above the rest in our opinion. Everything is as simple as possible, moving parts kept to a minimum, the grinder body itself is almost fully enclosed making it almost impenetrable to dust and grime. Then you have the solid portafilter holder directly under the dosing chamber. Unlike some portafilter holders this will stand up to years of abuse in a busy environment.

The Mazzer Super Jolly also comes with non slip feet on the base, given that this is a very heavy piece of equipment, the last thing that you want is it sliding from a counter top onto toes. In terms of size, the grinder isn’t overly wide or tall, allowing it to fit snugly in even the smallest of spaces, again making it an ideal grinder even for mobile coffee ventures.


If you’re looking for a seriously robust coffee grinder, proven over the years to withstand just about anything whilst at the same time comfortably sitting amongst the high end specialty coffee shop equipment then you need not look any further than the Mazzer Super Jolly. We wouldn’t pass up on one of these grinders if you were thinking of opening your first coffee shop. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to