Sage Coffee Machine – Duo Temp Pro

Is the Sage Duo Temp Pro still a worthwhile purchase in 2020?

The Sage coffee machine has become a household name in terms of home espresso, almost solely because of their range of espresso products that appear to offer all the qualities of professional barista equipment right on your kitchen counter such as the Sage Duo Temp Pro.

Sage Coffee Machine
The Sage Duo Temp Pro is a fairly simple machine

In the United States you will more than likely know the Sage branded espresso products as Breville. They’re the same machines, just sold under different names, chances are a Sage coffee machine is exactly the same as a Breville coffee machine, some models may vary however.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Sage coffee machines on offer is that they’re marketed as a high end consumer product and the price reflects this when held side by side with some of their competitiors home espresso machines.

The Sage Duo Temp Pro
Carefully designed to look at home in almost any kitchen and with complimentary add-ons

The Entry Level Sage Coffee Machine

What makes Sage’s offering different however is a combination of internal components and overall design for function. Whilst most espresso machines in the sub $/£500 market are very similar with plastic portafilters, not quite enough pressure in the machine, combined with pressurised baskets, the Sage actually produces the level of pressure required for an espresso consistently (just) and features solid metallic components. The portafilters hold heat from the grouphead, which itself features a removable, serviceable shower head.

So in terms of construction, the quality is about as good as you will get for the price. Yes, if you have more money to spend you will immediately find machines that out perform the Sage Duo Temp Pro in just about every respect but the foundations remain the same.

sage coffee machine steam wand
The machine features a single hole steam wand truly capable of steaming great milk

Espresso for the Masses

Something often over looked when looking at Sage appliances in general is the availability on the second hand market. Although many of us, ourselves included would firmly hold espresso in the “essential” at home category, it is in reality a luxury, as is all coffee we drink today. So the premium we pay to get specialty coffee at home isn’t really all that surprising. But here we have a machine that has been so widely available, especially in home stores and even consumer electronics stores that it’s been bought over and over again as a Christmas or birthday gift and it comes as no surprise that many of these machines end up as unwanted gifts and find their way onto the second hand market, so much so that the price falls quite dramatically when machines that have even light use appear on online marketplaces. We found during our research that one of the most common purchases of the Sage Duo Temp Pro was actually as a wedding gift!

wedding gifts
Would you be surprised to find a coffee machine amongst your wedding gifts?

So this creates a very accessible espresso machine for home users, great for those maybe just venturing into making espresso at home for the first time. That’s not to say the machine isn’t great for those of us already very familiar with espresso techniques. The Duo Temp Pro can be a workhorse in the kitchen, provided that you maintain it as you would any kitchen equipment, keeping it clean, free of obstruction and descaling at regular intervals.

Sage customer service doesn’t have a sterling reputation for responsiveness, but with so many owners out there, it’s often very easy to find advice, parts even upgrades and repair services online.

Sage coffee machine in kitchen
Guides and fixes are often easy to come by online.

We think it’s more than fair to include the Sage Duo Temp Pro in our top 10 when it comes to home espresso machines, despite the fact it is often outperformed, simply due to the availability, low price and ease of use, this is what makes the Sage coffee machine a great first purchase.

When it comes to specialty coffee, most of us just want to share the experience with our peers and if it weren’t for machines like the Sage Duo Temp Pro we feel this would be significantly more difficult.

In summary, we feel the Sage Duo Temp Pro is still a very wise purchase for anyone thinking about beginning to make espresso at home or anybody on a budget.

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